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Golden Years Can Be a Gold Mine for Scammers Who Target Our Seniors

Learning that an older family member is in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease is life-changing news. For families it often means that a loved one whom we've relied upon for years will now require a tremendous amount of care and concern from us. It can also mean that our loved one could be at the mercy of scam artists who seek to prey on seniors.

North Carolinians of all ages fall victim to frauds and scams, but there are many scam artists who specifically seek out senior citizens. Unfortunately, seniors are attractive targets for scammers because they often have good credit, investments, equity in their homes and a lifetime of savings.

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Worried About Scams?

Are you concerned that your loved one has been deceived by a scam? Scams come in various forms these days—telemarketers, mail, and increasingly, e-mail.

Persons with dementia or another cognitive impairment may not realize the letter, phone call or e-mail offering lower credit card rates, sweepstakes rewards or other monetary gain is actually from a scam artist ready and willing to defraud them of their money.

Report All Scams

To report an incident involving you or your loved one, call the NC Attorney General’s Department of Justice Office at 919-716-6400. North Carolina’s Attorney General is Roy Cooper.

You can also go to the Attorney General’s special Web site, www.NCDOJ.gov, (The Department of Justice) for an ID theft victim tool kit and other helpful resources and information.

Eldercare Mediation

Hurricane Katrina totally changed my life even though I left my hometown of New Orleans over thirty years ago. My mother, like many other New Orleanians, found it difficult to live in the devastated city she had called home her entire life and came to live with me in Raleigh, NC.

We quickly resumed the medical testing she had begun before the hurricane to determine the cause of some speech problems she had been experiencing. Gradually, it became clear that she was suffering from the early stages of vascular dementia.

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NC's Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program consists of state and regional ombudsmen who help residents of long term care facilities to exercise their rights. They educate the public and facility staff about rights and help resolve grievances between residents/families and facilities. They are located within Area Agencies on Aging.

A Family's Bill of Rights

  • I have the right to take care of myself. If I feel this is being selfish, I will remember that this gives me the ability to improve my relationship with my parent/sibling/spouse/ or other family member.
  • I have the right to seek help and guidance from others, even if my parent or family member objects. I recognize the limits of my own endurance and strength. I recognize that my energy is finite.
  • I have the right to continue to live my own life. I know that I do everything that I reasonably can for my parent/family member, and I have the right to do some things just for myself.
  • I have the right to refuse to be manipulated by others’ difficulty in managing their own feelings. Instead, I give my other family members the right to own his/her own feelings, just as I own mine.
  • I have the right to receive consideration, affection, affirmation, and forgiveness for the things I do just as long as I offer these feelings in return.
  • I have the right to take pride in what I have accomplished and to applaud the courage it has sometimes taken to do what I know is best for my family member(s).

Adapted from: A Caregiver’s Bill of Rights, AARP
Jo Horne

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